Graduation Day– The happiest day on campus

Graduation day! When award ceremonies are followed by the tossing of caps in the air, by fresh-faced cheerful youngsters. The excitement of graduation day is preceded by endless days and nights of hard work and academic pressures. But come graduation day all else is forgotten as your students revel in the joy of success. Freeze those precious moments in photographic images that will take you back in time, every time you see them. On this special day, our photography professionals walk that extra mile to click pictures par excellence - individuals, groups, ceremonial, informal, family poses, indoors as well as outdoors – for the best photographic collection your money can buy.

Senior year

A crucial time for students. A happening time too for schools when young teenagers blossom overnight into confident young women and men. Senior year students are brand ambassadors of their schools and it makes sense to package them just right! Portrait photographs are a great way to capture the persona of your senior year students as they stand poised to enter the real world. Stars Photography specializes in creating designer portraits of senior. While clicking a portrait we know exactly which points must be highlighted with a studio feel or outdoors at their favourite location in town. We know how to bring out the best in each senior student upfront for the camera.