It was in 2013 Canadian born expatriate and first-time mom Danielle OReilly hit upon the idea of establishing Little Stars Photography – to exclusively focus on children and photography. Even as her son was taking baby steps, Danielle was quietly clicking his pictures on her camera. And when her son’s nursery school didn’t have a photography service, Danielle stepped in. It was during this phase that Danielle honed her professional skills in the art and creativity of photographing children in their school surroundings. She also acquired her trademark patience that is so important while photographing young children. As her reputation spread, more nurseries started offering her photography assignments. Her understanding of local culture and customs also gives her that edge while dealing with a melting pot of numerous nationalities in Qatar. Danielle loves photographing children at school because the limitations bring out the best of her creativity. Supported by a dedicated team of specialist photographers and support staff Danielle OReilly is expanding her specialized services to cover nursery, kindergartens, primary & high schools and universities across Qatar. As well as graduation portraits from the mini graduates to University ceremonies for all ages.